What is Baseball South Africa?

BaseballSA.com is a public resource for South African Baseball Players and Supporters around the world.

Is Baseball South Africa part of SABU?

Baseball South Africa and BaseballSA.com are not affiliated with the South African Baseball Union  at this time. We are privately funded and works to supplement their efforts.

Are there any South Africa players in the MLB?

 There have been at least 30 South Africans to play in MLB affiliated baseball? Only one has made a Major League roster. Gift Noepe was the first African-born player in the MLB.  Read More

How can we help build baseball in Africa?

Baseball South Africa and Baseball Africa work with The Going to Bat Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance for baseball and youth education on the continent.

Where can I find information about the players?

Access to current and past players' information and statistics is available at https://baseballsa.com/players