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World Baseball Classic Qualifier 2012 South Africa
SOUTH AFRICA - 15U World Cup

Baseball 15U World Cup

South Africa 15U World Cup 2014
Back (L-R): Donavan Adeline (Gauteng), Tanner Bunn (Gauteng), Brady Conradie (Western Province),
Charles Van Wyk (Western Province), Keino Davids (Western Province), Brandon Gehlig (Western Province),
Keagan Lazarus (Western Province), Cullum Lee (Easterns); Fabio Sa'Miranda (Easterns); Warren Ras (Gauteng), Jaundre Smit (Kwazulu-Natal), Not Pictured: Dylan Le Roux (Eastern Province)

Front (L-R):Lance Gordon (Western Province), Laydin Andrews (Boland), Na'eem Dollie (Western Province),
Alexander Fortune (Western Province), Yahya Patel (SWG), Dylan O'Brian (Kwazulu-Natal),
Ross Vening-Pridham (Kwazulu-Natal), Brandon Smith (Kwazulu-Natal)


The eighteen-nation U-15 Baseball World Cup - which will be staged from 31-July to 10-August in Baja California Sur, Mexico, and features ten of the top fifteen countries in the world

Launched in 2012 and played every two years, the U-15 (ages 13-15) Baseball World Cup has established itself as the pinnacle of baseball in this age category -- and like the U-12 (ages 11-12) Baseball World Cup, the U-15 BWC is the only world championship across all of sport featuring National Teams, with the best young baseball players in the world, and future stars, representing their countries and uniting on the Baseball World Cup global platform.

A total of eighty-three U-15 Baseball World Cup games will be showcased over eleven days and across three newly renovated venues in the cities of Constitución, Los Cabos and La Paz.

The opening/closing ceremonies, championship final, and awards presentation will take place in La Paz.

Groups and Seeding

The eighteen participating National Teams of the II U-15 Baseball World Cup have been seeded and assigned (based on current World Rankings and past performance at the inaugural U-15 Baseball World Cup in 2012) to one of three six-nation groups:

Group A houses No. 4 seed Chinese Taipei, No. 6 seed Italy, No. 7 seed Mexico, No. 10 seed Brazil, No. 13 seed Czech Republic and No. 18 seed Tunisia.

Group B brings together the top two seeds in USA and Japan (who will also be competing in their first-ever U-15 Baseball World Cup), No. 8 seed Panama, No. 11 seed Germany, No 14 seed New Zealand and No. 16 seed South Africa.

Group C features the 2012 U-15 finalists in No. 3 seed Cuba and defending champion, No. 5 seed, Venezuela, No. 9 seed Australia, No. 12 seed Argentina, No. 15 seed Hong Kong and No. 17 seed Lithuania.

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South Africa 15U World Cup Squad
As announced by the SA Baseball Union

Fabio Sa'Miranda Fabio Sa'Miranda South African Baseball 15U Easterns Baseball RHP 5' 5" 138 R/R   Benoni 04/04/2000
Cullum Lee Cullum Lee South Africa 15U Baseball Easterns Baseball 1B/P 5' 5" 150 L/L   Johannesburg 12/17/1999
Brady Conradie Western Province Baseball CF     R/R      
Charles Van Wyk Western Province Baseball C     R/R      
Keino Davids Keino Davids South Africa 15U Baseball Western Province Baseball SS/P 5' 8" 143 R/R   Cape Town 2/10/1999
Brandon Gehlig Western Province Baseball 1B     R/R      
Keagan Lazarus Western Province Baseball 3B     R/R      
Donavan Adeline Donavan Adeline South Africa Baseball 15U Gauteng Baseball 1B 5' 4" 154 L/L   Johannesburg  
Tanner Bunn Gauteng Baseball RHP/OF 5' 8" 132 L/R   Westville  
Warren Ras Warren Ras South Africa 15U Baseball Gauteng Baseball 2B 5' 7" 112 R/R   Johannesburg  
Jaundre Smit Jaundre Smit South Africa 15U Baseball Kwazulu Natal OF 5' 6" 132 R/R   Durban 03/04/1999
Lance Gordon Lance Gordon South Africa 15U Western Province Baseball C 5' 8" 154 R/R   Cape Town 5/28/1999
Laydin Andrews Boland Baseball              
Na'eem Dollie Western Province Baseball OF     R/R      
Alexander Fortune Western Province Baseball 2B     R/R      
Dylan Le Roux Dylan Le Roux South African Baseball 15U Eastern Province Baseball RHP 6' 1" 143 R/R   Uitenhage 12/10/1999
Yahya Patel Southwest gauteng Baseball              
Dylan O'Brian Kwazulu Natal RHP     R/R     17/07/1999
Ross Vening-Pridham Kwazulu Natal              
Brandon Smith Kwazulu Natal              
Coaching Staff                
Johan Moses Western Province Baseball


Bles Kemp Western Province Baseball Coach          

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